Alice et Jean, cofondateurs de GERMAIN sur-mesure

About Us


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GERMAIN sur-mesure is a young family business that creates women's clothing.

Founded in 2016, GERMAIN sur-mesure's mission is to transform the tailor-made clothes industry for women.

Thanks to exceptional savoir-faire and the use of the most noble materials, GERMAIN sur-mesure is committed to make unique pieces.

The ultimate goal of the brand is to offer modern and elegant collections at affordable prices to all women.


germain sur mesure la marque

Alice & Jean Lévy, brother and sister, have founded GERMAIN sur-mesure on their own. They decided to combine their designing skills and their taste for beautiful things to create a modern and unique brand.

Their common passion for fashion and travels has guided these two young entrepreneurs in the harmony of this new Fall-Winter collection.

Alice, who graduated from King's College and Istituto di Moda Burgo, and Jean, who graduated from HEC Montreal, share the ambition to give a real boost to the tailor-made clothes industry through new collections and thanks to their unique concept of doing it online.


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GERMAIN sur-mesure has set itself the challenge of transforming the tailor-made clothes industry for women. The measuring process is integrated into the website, everything is done with just a few clicks, just a few minutes, and in the comfort our the client's own home.

After placing your order online, your clothes are made by our team of tailors as quickly as possible and delivered directly to your door, without the need to go to a store.

Each tailor-made piece we make has a guarantee in case the customer would like to modify the clothe, it is free of charge and done by our team in 72 hours.

All our collections are available in tailor-made and ready-to-wear standard sizes, and without any price difference. 


germain sur mesure la marque

Impeccable quality at prices lower than those offered on the market, how is that possible?

By eliminating traditional stores and the stock that goes with them, we have managed to significantly reduce our margins to offer you unique pieces of luxurious quality at affordable prices. Each tailor-made Germain piece is made on demand and can therefore be personalized according to your wishes. So, yes, you will have to wait a little bit longer to receive your cashmere coat or your tweed jacket, but it is totally worth it.


For each clothe to be made and delivered it can take up to 3 weeks but every single time, we will do our best to ensure that you receive the most beautiful piece as quickly as possible.

The GERMAIN sur-mesure team